How to Write a Blog Post Like a Pro [An 8-Step Guide]

Blog writers should be, well...good writers. If you can't write, it might be time to call in the pros.

You’ve heard a lot about content and why it’s king of the web world. But maybe you’re skeptical of the cost. Or distrustful of an outsider taking over your web presence. Maybe you just want to maintain control over your website. Regardless of your reasons, you want your blog to be on par with the […]

Is SEO Worth It? (Don't Waste Your Money on Bad SEO)

Blog writing requires at least a little knowledge of SEO.

With more than a billion active websites today, competing for the top spot on Google is harder than ever. That’s what makes it so tempting when a smooth-talking SEO company comes along and claims that they can work magic for you overnight. We all know that Google is the king of search engines. Google nerds […]

What is Web Content? (Hint: It's More Than Just Blogging!)

What is Web Content? (Hint: It's More Than Just Blogging!)

Content is king. Content marketing. Quality content. You’ve heard these terms before (from us, if nowhere else), but you might have asked yourself, “What is web content? Do I need a degree in Content Creation to do it? Do I need to create content?” Well, the answer to the last question is a resounding “yes,” but […]