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12 Jan

Basic Computer Care

Posted On: January 12, 2015 | Category: Office Life, Technology

basic computer careAt Clarity, we get asked just as many questions about how to care for computers as we do about pay-per-click campaigns. As it turns out, basic computer care isn’t common knowledge. But whether you’re a business owner or a high school student trying to write an essay, caring for your computer is important if you want to prevent it crapping out on you.


29 Sep

10 Common Blogging Problems (and How to Solve Them)

Posted On: September 29, 2014 | Category: Blogging, Lists

10 common blogging problemsWe love blogging.

We believe in it, and we suggest it to our clients all the time. But we know how hard it can be.

You lose motivation, or you run out of post ideas. One week without a post turns into a month and next thing you know, you’ve given up your blog altogether.

But just because something is hard doesn’t mean you should stop (in fact, it usually means you’re doing the right thing). We still believe in blogs and what they can do for your business. So we’ve come up with a list of 10 common blogging problems and provided a potential fix for each one. So dust yourself off, get back on that horse, and get back on track for blogging success.

19 Aug

How to Respond to a Bad Review

Posted On: August 19, 2014 | Category: Customer Service, Small Business Management

how to respond to a bad reviewAbout a week ago, the Clarity staff went on a little weekend beach retreat. We noticed a little French bakery had gotten some amazing Yelp reviews, so we decided to give them a try for breakfast.

While waiting for our breakfast sandwiches, we all noticed a little Plexiglas box hanging on the wall. Inside, was a heavily highlighted customer review that had been posted to the bakery’s Facebook account.

04 Aug

Don’t Climb Everest Alone…Hire a Consultant

Posted On: August 04, 2014 | Category: Blogging, Small Business Management, Technology

Hire a consultant to assist with your business. After all, you wouldn't climb Mt. Everest alone.Let’s say you want to climb Mt. Everest.

The first thing you do is go online (or visit a library, if you’re old-school) and research anything and everything related to mountain climbing. You check internet forums, browse product descriptions, read reviews, and even ask a few questions on a Reddit thread.

You’re fully and completely armed with all the knowledge you need, so you visit your local sporting goods store to purchase the oxygen tanks, crampons, and rope you selected based on your research. You’re ready. Nothing could possibly go wrong.

08 Jul

How to Prioritize Your Work Day

Posted On: July 08, 2014 | Category: Establish Clarity, Office Life, Small Business Management

How to prioritize your work dayLet me start off with a question: What did you get done yesterday? Was it important? A few of you might have a list of excuses; some of you may be scratching your heads. A good number of you might be working really hard, but you’re putting out too many fires during the day to even think about what you should be doing.

30 Jun

Do I Really Need a Mobile App?

Posted On: June 30, 2014 | Category: Establish Clarity, Technology, Websites

do i really need a mobile appBeing in the “tech business,” we get a lot of questions about mobile apps. Most of the time, people are just idly curious about the type of work we do. The ones who are really trying to be movers and shakers in their industry usually ask whether we can help them create an app and how much we charge.

These are all genuine, valid questions, our response is usually a bit unexpected. What they probably should be asking is “Do I really need a mobile app?” because the answer is “no, maybe not.”

16 Jun

Do I Really Need a Website?

Posted On: June 16, 2014 | Category: Blogging, Our Opinion, SEO and Content Optimization, Websites

Do i really need a websiteMy husband and I went on a trip recently to Cape Cod. The weather was great and we went on an amazing whale watching tour, where we spotted so many whales (16) that we’re pretty much spoiled us for any other whale watching tour in the future. But, as always, some of our best experiences came from restaurants. (Don’t judge.)

A few years ago, we realized that Yelp was the best way to eat well in a new city. To us, there’s no point in eating in chain restaurants in Boston, New York, or even Virginia, because Orlando is lousy with them. We get the best recommendations from Yelp and ate at some incredible places on the Cape (I still dream about the turkey burger at Local 186 and the chicken pie from Centerville Pie Company).

But there are some places—great places, I’m sure—that we missed out on (or almost missed out on) because they were lacking something crucial. Something separate from an awesome Yelp review or outstanding rosemary aioli.

They didn’t have a website.

02 Jun

Judging a Business by its Cover

Posted On: June 02, 2014 | Category: Our Opinion, Websites

If your website were a book, would people want to read it?“You can’t judge a book by its cover….”

You’ve heard it thousands of times. Maybe you’ve even said it. The saying has been around since the Civil War era, and has taken a spot in the Idiom Canon, so to speak.

This familiar phrase means that first impressions are not always correct, and one should look beneath the surface before making a judgment on something or someone. This is true, but the saying is popular for a reason: people do form first impressions, whether or not they should. (If this wasn’t the case, we wouldn’t need a phrase to remind us otherwise).

The thing is, this isn’t just true for books or people, but also for businesses. So, how can you use this information to your advantage when redesigning your website or renovating your business?

26 May

The Dangers of Running a DIY Business

Posted On: May 26, 2014 | Category: Our Opinion, Small Business Management

DIY BusinessRunning a small business calls for wearing a lot of hats. You’re owner, you’re manager, you’re accountant. You’re also HR, sales, administrative assistant, social media guru…the list goes on and on.

For the most part, this is great. Being aware of all the different spheres of your business helps you keep everything running smoothly and working well together. It keeps your relationships between you and your employees civil, if not appreciative. It just makes you a better business owner.

But does that mean you have to do everything?

19 May

SEO vs. Content Optimization: Who’s the Winner?

Posted On: May 19, 2014 | Category: Marketing, SEO and Content Optimization, Technology

seo vs. content optimizationIf you’ve spent much time researching the best ways to get your website seen by the right audience, you’ve probably come across the term “search engine optimization” (SEO). The idea has been around for decades. Businesses and individuals use SEO to rank higher on the search results pages on sites like Yahoo!, Google, and Bing. Google itself has come out with no less than 32 major updates in the last 9 years, all in an attempt to make web searching better, easier, and more helpful. But if you’ve done any deep researching in the past year or so, you may have heard a new term: “content optimization.”