01 Feb

5 Skills Your Web Company Should Have

Posted On: February 01, 2016 | Category: Lists, Small Business Management, Websites

5 skills your web company should haveWhen people ask what type of business I’m in, I usually tell them “web design.” But what do I mean by that? Everyone has a different meaning of what “web design” really means. Back in 1997, all you needed was for one guy to crank out a website and boom, your fledgling business was a success. But in 2015 2016, a “good website” is no longer just a URL that loads in under 3 minutes. “Good” (or even “great”) websites require a slew of different things that your website builder (whether that’s you or a pro) needs to bring to the table. Your business needs more than a website; it needs a web presence.

Which means you can no longer get by with one guy working out of his garage. You need a designer, a coder, a content specialist…in short, you need a team that’s fully capable of handling all aspects of your web strategy. So as you’re looking for a web team to revamp your site, make sure whoever you pick also has these 5 skills.

25 Jan

6 Ways to Keep Your Website Secure

Posted On: January 25, 2016 | Category: Lists, Technology, Websites

6 ways to keep your website secureYou give a lot of thought to your website: how to write great content, whether it’s time for a redesign, and how you can get the biggest bang for your buck. But how much thought do you give to keeping all that information safe?

18 Jan

What is Google Trends? (And Why Should I Care?)

Posted On: January 18, 2016 | Category: Technology

google trendsYou thought Google had a tool for pretty much everything, didn’t you? Well, you were right.

In addition to offering the top internet search engine, in-depth website analytics, and pretty much the best email service we’ve ever seen, Google also has a tool to help you explore trending news, videos, and search terms all across the country. The program is called Google Trends, and it’s even more addictive and useful than you think.

What is it exactly?

Simply put, Google Trends is a website tool that tracks and analyzes Google searches 24/7, coast to coast. You can see the top news searches going on at any given moment. You can view the top viral videos from YouTube. You can even take the reins in your own hands and explore a chosen category or keyword of your choosing and see how many people are searching for it, as well as where and when they searched. You can also compare search terms to see which is more popular, find the most searched-for terms in a chosen category (like your business’ industry), and find out which search terms are rising up in the ranks.

Why should I care?

First of all, you’d probably admit that the internet is becoming the primary media through which people (especially Millenials) deal with the world. Well, Google Trends is like having your finger on the pulse of the internet. It’s a simple, quick and free way to do market research when you’re looking to write a blog post, create a new product (or update an existing one), or see how your competitors are doing (and how you can get in on the action).

For example, I compared searches for “web design” (our primary service) and “Wix” (a popular DIY website builder). The chart (sadly) showed a steady decline in the search for “web design” and a steady increase in the amount of searches for “Wix.” Based on this information, I decided to write a blog post about whether DIY website builders are really worth it. (Spoiler alert: They’re not.)

How can I use it?

For your business, you might want to see whether diamond jewelry is more or less popular than sapphires right now, or whether kale will continue to be as big of a culinary trend as it was last year.

Armed with this information, you can change either the product you offer, the way you advertise it, and/or the way you discuss it with your customers. Maybe you have a regular at your jewelry store that would be really interested if rubies are more popular than sapphires right now, so she can update her jewelry collection accordingly. (You could also use it to research new blog topics without having to survey your existing customers.)

Have you used Google Trends for anything related to your business (or otherwise)? Was it helpful? Let us know in the comments section!

Clarity Creative Group is a web design & internet marketing company located in beautiful Orlando, Florida. In case you were wondering, Darth Vader was the top searched Star Wars character.

11 Jan

How to Write a Business Email

Posted On: January 11, 2016 | Category: Office Life, Small Business Management, Technology

How to write a business emailLast November, the Oxford Dictionary announced 2015’s word of the year. Turns out, it wasn’t a word at all, but an emoji. In a world where communication often consists of texts, Snapchat, Instagram, and emojis, it seems almost quaint to celebrate National Letter Writing Week. (One almost expects to pick up a quill and an ink blotter.) But every year, in the second week of January, we pay homage to almost-forgotten art of letter writing.

When it comes to business, email has replaced “snail mail” as the formal communication of choice (which begs the question: “Will the next generation be sending business-related texts?”), but the technique is the same. Whether you’re an entrepreneur or a 9-to-5 employee, knowing how to write a business email is a vital skill.

04 Jan

12 Ways to Improve Your Business in 2016

Posted On: January 04, 2016 | Category: Establish Clarity, Lists, Small Business Management, Websites

12 ways to improve your business in 2016

2016 has dawned, bringing with it plenty of hope and expectations for another great year. While friends and family are hitting the gym, perhaps now is a good time for you to hit the books and come up with a business plan for the upcoming year. We’ve come up with 12 ways to improve your business in 2016, with a manageable theme to focus on each month to educate, motivate, and inspire yourself to bigger and better things.

05 Oct

5 Great Resources for Your Orlando Small Business

Posted On: October 05, 2015 | Category: Orlando Small Business Spotlight, Small Business Management

resources orlando small businessIt’s officially fall, which can only mean one thing: time to hit the books!

You may be out of school, but that doesn’t mean you get to skimp on the homework. And—like even the best students—sometimes you need a tutor to explain some of the finer points of your field of study.

As the saying goes, “it takes a whole village to raise (or educate) a child.” And starting a business is no different. So to make it easier on you, we’ve rounded up a list of our favorite resources for Orlando small business owners to get the assistance they need. Try any of these “homework assignments” to get your company’s profits up this next semester! Err…quarter.

28 Sep

How Often Should I Redesign My Website?

Posted On: September 28, 2015 | Category: Our Opinion, Websites

how often should i redesign my websiteAhh, the joys of launching a brand-new website for your small business! You crunched the numbers. You listened to the experts. You spent the time and money getting everything exactly how you like it. Now it’s time to sit back, relax, and let the profits roll in.

Not so fast.

No matter how much you spent on your new website, eventually that brand-new site with all the bells and whistles is going to become a relic of the past. Website maintenance is like home ownership: you’re never officially “done.” (Think of all those houses that haven’t been updated since the 1980’s. Ouch.)

Which leads you to wonder: “How often should I redesign my website? Am I done for the next decade or am I gonna have to keep doing this every year?”

21 Sep

5 Questions To Ask Before a Website Redesign

Posted On: September 21, 2015 | Category: Lists, Websites

5 questions to ask before a website redesignHere at Clarity, before we even think about redesigning a website for one of our clients, we like to sit down with them and have a little chat about it first. It’s during these consultations that we discover the client’s expectations as well as their issues with the current website, and we get to flex our nerd muscles and discuss how we can fulfill those wishes and solve those problems.

Some consultations are easier than others. Some of our clients know exactly where they want to go, but trust us (the web experts) to get them there. Others think they know exactly how to get there, but need to be shown a better way. Others don’t even have a website yet and have no idea what they want. Each of these consultations would go a bit differently (and we can help all of them), but there are certain questions to ask before a website redesign.

14 Sep

Web Design on a Budget

Posted On: September 14, 2015 | Category: Websites

Web design on a budgetDo me a favor and type this phrase into Google: “How much does a website cost?” After you’ve recovered from the shock of seeing 654,000,000 search results (Yes, million!), you’ll notice that the answers are all over the place. There’s the “free” route with a do-it-yourself site (you’ll still have to pay for the domain name as well as a monthly hosting fee). There’s the pimped-out custom site that could run up to $100,000, depending on the features you ask for. And then there’s all the different options in between. You know you want the best site you can afford, but what if you can’t afford very much?

That’s where we come in. “Web design on a budget” may sound like an oxymoron, but it’s possible with a few helpful tips (and the right perspective).

07 Sep

Our Top 5 WordPress Plugins (and Why You Need Them)

Posted On: September 07, 2015 | Category: Establish Clarity, Lists, Our Opinion, Technology, Websites

top 5 wordpress pluginsOne of the great things about WordPress is the number of plugins available that can pimp out your site. Plugins are just little website accessories that increase the security or functionality of a website, making your online presence that much more impressive.

There are plenty that we love and recommend, but these top 5 WordPress plugins are our favorite. Trust us, you need all of them.